50th Commemoration of the Asaba Massacre


On behalf of the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF), we sincerely identify with you and our brothers and sisters in Anioma as you commemorate one of the dar4kest periods in human history – the ASABA MASSACRE!

The gruesome cold-blooded killings of innocent civilians by troops of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, culminating in the “DANCE OF DEATH” at Ogbeosowa in Asaba on  October 7th 1967,where hundreds of helpless people were mowed down and buried in a mass grave,is the darkest chapter in our history which we must continue to recall for the benefit of our children including those unborn.

In doing this, we must salute the courage of those who have continued to provide us the records of the events as well as the opportunity to honor the memory of our people who were victims of this sad and unforgettable event.

The greatest response which history demands of us is to consolidate and sustain that identity for which those brothers and sisters suffered  such unspeakable pains of death.While we remember and forgive, we must not forget who we are!


Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF)