Augustine Macaulay Uche Egbuiwe


papa, how can we ev3er forget? It has been fifty years already, yet the memories of the events of that grim day,October 7 are still so fresh. We remember how you got home and was persuaded to join theĀ  “One Nigeria” welcoming parade,only for you and your fellow men to be gunned down at Ogbeosowa, Asaba.

Papa, we your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren remain forever grateful to you. We remember how hard you laboured, rose to the heights in the civil service only to be killed one year to your retirement!

You may not have reaped the fruits of your labour, but you laid a solid foundation for us all.we firmly believe that you are in heaven enjoying eternal life.

Thank you again “Papa Ugelli”, Thank you and please continue to watch over us


Fondly Remembered By children,Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren