Chukwuka & Egbuna Chijindu


To our beloved Mother, Mrs. Debora Okonkwo

Who still grieves the loss of virtually every male in her Family in 1967:

  1. Lawrence Nduka Chijindu
  2. Chuwuka (Uncle Chuks) Chijindu
  3. Egbuna Chijindu
  4. Ofili Daniel Chijindu
  5. Kenneth Kahana Chijindu
  6. Eboha Azubuike Chijindu

We Remember Our beloved Grandmother, late Mrs. Christiana Nwuweolo Chijindu who lost all her three SONS: one in the North & two of them to the Senseless Killing at Ogbe Osowa;To All of us who had 7 Maternal before 1966 and not a single Maternal Uncles after October 1967,we  will REMEMBER OUR UNCLES WITH LOVE FOR EVER!



A. Ofili-Okonkwo For the family