Asaba Massacre of 7th October 1967


As you join all your follow Asaba indigenes both home and in Diaspora and men of goodwill to mark the 50th anniversary of the massacre of our people which took place on October 7, 1967 during the unfortunate Nigeria Civil War, we join you in mourning and condemning the senseless massacre of our people at the time.

Our men – young and old had trooped out in large numbers with drums and dances on that fateful day to welcome the federal troops because of their belief in the Nigerian Nation as one indivisible entity. But instead they were surrounded with machine guns at the Ogbeosowe Square and moved down in their hundreds, for reasons we are yet to understand 50 years after.

Many homes and families are yet to recover from the senseless killings when a whole generation was wiped out. But this unfortunate act has not diminished our belief in the need for our Country – Nigeria to remain one. Experience has however shown that there is need for some internal adjustments to be carried out to ensure justice to all – “Justice” as defined by the Greek Philosopher PLATO to mean ‘giving each man his due’

October 7 is a landmark in the history of the people of Asaba – with sad memories. We have forgiven but we can never forget!

God bless Asaba!

God bless Nigeria!


Chief Patrick Isioma Goodluck Onyeobi JP

The Iyase (Traditional Prime Minister) of Asaba

For His Royal Majesty The Asagba of Asaba,


His Royal Majesty The Asagba of Asaba,